MTD Walkers changes brand identity

Oct 10, 2015 | In the news

Integrated infrastructure and engineering solutions provider, MTD Walkers PLC last week unveiled their new brand identity ‘Walkers CML’ in line with its 162nd anniversary celebration.

Since 1854, the brand Walkers has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in Sri Lanka, extending its expertise in sectors such as civil, marine, mechanical, electrical engineering work, pile construction, power generation, manufacture of tea machinery for the plantation industry and real estate.

“As one of the most reputed and diversified holding business groups in Sri Lanka, we are proud to unveil our new brand in order to bring all our subsidiaries under one uniform identity. We have consolidated two of our strong brands and have rebranded as Walkers CML, bringing all our subsidiaries under one umbrella.

We envision this opening up new opportunities and enhancing the corporate identity of MTD Walkers PLC and our subsidiaries, while building on the strength of our illustrious past. ‘Walkers CML’ will represent us in the diverse Sri Lankan business arena, while characterising and defining our service quality and excellence to all our stakeholders,” said Executive Deputy Chairman of MTD Walkers PLC Jehan Amaratunga. Amaratunga further added, “The aim of this initiative was to reinforce ‘Walkers CML’ as the preferred partner in infrastructure developmentand engineering industries. This will allow an individual to identify the diverse variety of projects carried out by the Group and have confidence that the project will be implemented in a quick, efficient and a safe manner according to the world-class standards expected of the brand.”

With infrastructure development and growth in the industry taking center stage and is poised to become a national priority, people have become increasingly aware of its direct impact on the county’s economic growth and thereby their lives.

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